Hi, have you ever wondered what could be the most popular ice-breaker among & in between people… people who are strangers or who were before you got to know them…?? It has no words because it is not a language… it has no law because it is natural… it is easy but yet sometimes may get difficult…. An ice-breaker that is for all seasons, any reasons & considered global…. Still wondering what it is???

It is ‘Your Smile’…. If I say ‘Smile has a way to connect’ I may disagree wit myself… Coz, Smile is in itself a way! Smile to yourself, smile at others around you even if they don’t know you or you don’t know them…. smile at your mistakes… smile at a kitten or a puppy… smile at the sun & moon… just count the photos in which you smiled… Of course, there are many different types of smiles & each person may have his/her own set of smiles that appears at distinct occasions. For example, your charming smile, silly smile, shy smile, half smile, dazzling smile, fake smile, heartfelt smile, so on… however is your smile, it is yours. Smile is your asset, plus point & gives you the lift… A true and beautiful smile will be reflected even through your eyes… for example, a baby’s smile is the most innocent, truest, pure and beautiful as it can get…

When you are embarrassed, would you escape with a smile? If your interviewer gives you constant smiles during an interview, would you return the smiles or behave utterly professional? In the movies, would it be difficult for actors to smile especially when they don’t like their opposite co-star?  Talking about movies, the on-screen smile which I found amazing is Actor Hrithik Roshan’s smile in the Bollywood movie “Guzaarish” – the scene where he’s in a wheelchair, a fly comes & sits on his nose… he can’t do anything about it as his character is that of a quadriplegic… at first, he’s irritated & tries to get rid of it by shaking his head… fly doesn’t budge… second time he tries again… no result… next, he smiles & accepts the situation!! Wow, it maybe a movie, it maybe acting, but that smile is really an amazing ice-breaker to the role he plays!!!

No wonder, we have ‘n’ number of smiley icons for expressing smiles in the age of internet, SMS and instant messaging! May I conclude this blog by hoping that you must have had a smile on your face… Do Keep Smiling….!!



And, Welcome to the World of Words… words that bring in expressions, throw challenge, make friends, create connections, develop conversations, establish relations… Words that could lead to positive actions, motivate people, deliver results… Let’s make words powerful and use it with great responsibility… Let’s make words fun but let’s not make fun of words or use it as weapons… Let’s enjoy this world of words…!