Is it really easy to step into another’s shoes?

Role-playing as a game should be easy… but, have you actually thought how you would act or react if you put yourself in the place of your spouse, boss, teenaged daughter, mother, best-friend, worst enemy, neighbour anybody for that matter?

Is it really easy to step into another’s shoes and face the situations? Point to ponder, isn’t it?

Even if you were to get into the position of another person, you would have done what you were supposed to do or what you think to be the right approach for you… And, that is because you are ‘YOU’, not the other person…!

You cannot go through what the other person is going through… you cannot know the depths of another’s emotions, strength, dilemmas, risk-taking abilities, thought-processes, so on. 

What you see as challenge maybe a totally tricky situation for another… What you see is easy maybe difficult for another… What the other person views as the correct option maybe an impractical way for you…

The bottom line is when you need to step into another person’s shoes you actually have to be that person… And, to successfully do that, you have to know the other person and understand him/her completely. But, is it always possible that you know or understand the other person? Today, when most of our interactions with other people happen over telephone, e-mails, chat rooms, how will you step into another’s shoes when you have not even seen them??

So, atleast being in our own shoes, let’s make an attempt to comprehend others.


‘First Impressions’

When you see someone for the first time, what is the first thing that occurs to you about that person? Is it their dressing, shoes, hair-style, eyes, colour, height, their smile etc. etc. When you meet somebody or you are introduced to a new person, is it the same aspects that you notice? If you meet that person once again in near future, would you remember that person’s name or would you remember the encounter or would you remember what your first impression about that person was?

Now, what could be the first impressions? And, how it may have been formed?

The answer to the first question is quite simple. Your first impression could be that of ‘Either you like the person or dislike the person or it’s a neutral feeling because you are yet to form your impression’.

The answer to the second question requires a little bit of elaboration. How the first impressions are formed can be derived from psychology, behavioural sciences, kinesics, social etiquettes and environmental analysis.

Or, it maybe as simple as your instinct… you need not have any reason to like or dislike a person. But, it takes sincerity and openness if you have to like a person whom you thought as dislikeable. Then, it also hurts to dislike a person whom you thought was likeable. Your instincts, intuition or that ‘gut feeling’ – simply put as ‘sub-conscious’ need not be always correct. It may keep you in a safe-guard mode. What you perceive may go against you.

On the other hand, if you have good first impressions of somebody, then you must have noticed certain aspects of yourself that you like and vice-versa. Forming first impressions may only be a reflection of own self.

To wrap up, ‘First impressions are first impressions… give scope for second, third, fourth impressions before you form a lasting impression of somebody.’

Remember to have a nice smile whether you are receiving the ‘First impressions’ or sending it across.  By the way, if you believe in ‘Love at First Sight’ that’s because of the “First Impressions”.