Notice the title of this blog… anything peculiar? You will find in between S, P, A, C and E there is a gap… more specifically, a space given in between each of the letters that form the word ‘Space’.  Four spaces in total. Applying the computer terminology, space is defined as the gap between any two characters or lines or paragraphs so on. And what do you know… there is a big space button on the keyboard to create that space & what is it called…? SPACE BAR! In fact, when you are documenting something, you will use the Tab options to set or fix the number of spaces required at the beginning of your paragraphs or table or a presentation.

Now, let’s get out of the computer… Oh wait… how far are you sitting from your monitor/screen? Forty centimeters, sixty centimeters… whatever your answer there must be comfortable space between you and the monitor right? Space is defined here as the distance between you & where the monitor is positioned.

In Non Verbal Communication (NVC) we talk about spatial language and different types of spaces such as the intimate space, personal space, social space & public space, each having its own criteria to determine whether a person is too close or far to you and is someone invading your space. This field of study called as ‘Proxemics’ deals with space and how it influences individuals, inter-personal relationships and family bonding. Now, if your spouse says to you, ‘Give me some space’ please ponder whether you are asked the physical space or psychological/emotional space and just give it.

Almost all of us plan and think about how to utilise space in our homes, garage, office and garden or simply in our computer hard disk drives. Architects, builders and even the owners try to effectively bring in the concept of space in the layout plans to ensure smooth movements and maintain orderliness. It happens so often that the space gets filled with clutter and then we end up searching for something in it. Of course, we spend time cleaning the mess sooner or later to prove we have ‘space’!

Coming back to computers, we delete unwanted files, folders to use the spaces defined in MB or GB of memory. We get messages & reminders indicating space used & unused. We even have space upgrades options!

Artistes, painters, designers, creative performers such as the magicians – they exactly know the significance of space or the lack of it. Painters and drawing experts show space in their artwork in terms of size, perspectives and colors/shades. About magicians, it is definitely illusion yes… but not all the tricks…, Magicians are aware of the space very much like where they need to stand, how they have to move their body, how much they need to step aside – the tricks are practiced well enough to perfection. Imagine a sharp sword missing your chest at the brink of the moment! Scary!

Oh dear… Sorry, the blog title must have made you wonder about ‘that space’ which is also called as Outer space… that vastness which is outside the planet earth… isn’t it? Yes, of course, for me that is the ultimate space… and compared to the vastness of ‘that space’ where are we? Tiny, miniscule, scattered parts on this earth…! Spiritual Gurus have said that you can take all the things from a room and yet something remains… That’s space. No one can take out the Space. Essentially, everything is a moving space!

With advanced technology, telecommunications, video conferencing, internet & social networking sites, and so many other communication mediums and gadgets, is it getting over-crowded or is there too much space? I may not even have met you face to face and yet I am able to reach out to you through this blog/blog site/website/internet/network technology… In short, from my laptop to yours! From my space to yours!

Signing off now from my world of words…! Take care.


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  1. jayaram
    Jul 15, 2011 @ 07:09:56

    ” Applying the computer terminology, space is defined as the gap between any two characters “…..

    The ” physical space ” in the ” material ” plane which is the gap between the two planets one one side and the “Spiritual space ” in the ” mental ” plane which can be understood as the gap between between the two biological characters “me” & “you” on the other side may help us to understand the ” divine space ” which supports both “Material ” & “Mental ” planes !

    Good coverage of Space ,by a Divine Entity , keeping pace with the Times…….


  2. vasant
    Jul 01, 2011 @ 03:08:20



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