What’s on your T-shirt?

Here’s a collection of T-shirt lines that can enhance your image [or spoil it]! You may have come across some of these while the rest should be really unique!

On the T-shirt (front):-

  1. Hell does not want me N I don’t want to be in heaven!
  2. Recession affects me also… I borrowed this one!
  3. I’m available… Conditions apply!
  4. I’m not totally useless… U can use me as a bad example.
  5. Take my advice… I am not using it anyways…!
  6. Take me… I’m easily recharged and affordable!
  7. As I said before, I do not REPEAT myself!
  8. At the end of the money, I have always some month left!!
  9. I started out with Nuthin… I still have most of it!
  10. My imaginary friend thinks you have mental problems…!
  11. Boredom is a syndrome I get and tend to pass it on!
  12. Don’t come close… I spread!
  13. Come closer… (in big text) U have to anyways, to read this! (written in small text)
  14. What’s my problem? YOU!
  15. Oops! You did it again!
  16. I am Ok… don’t know about you!
  17. I am a perfect idiot atleast! (with a smiley)
  18. My ATM has a mobile number! But, Dad rarely picks my call.
  19. Marriages are made in heaven… who’s spreading this?
  20. My pet name is U FOOL!
  21. You get out of my way or I will… (with a big smiley)
  22. Hello! What’s your size?
  23. Lucky you… You would have had me!
  24. Money is not my choice… Lend me some!
  25. I am too clever for U, so don’t bother me!
  26. Bored with life? Try me!
  27. I am committed… I committed suicide once!
  28. Gravity is a state of mind… You do fall when you are OFF!
  29. I am what you were looking for!
  30. If I am nobody, I am perfect.
  32. What makes you think I am insane? Tell  me soon or I will take off my clothes & dance naked.
  33. I don’t like girls… I don’t like boys also!
  34. I love myself… & I can’t take it anymore!
  35. Hey, we are living! There are no aliens!
  36. Someday I will get lucky… till then I will wait!
  37. How gay is me? I dated myself!
  38. Hey gorgeous! (in big text) I say that to myself! (in small text)
  39. I wish I was invisible… but no one sees me anyways!
  40. You’ve got Problems? I will give one too…! (with a devilish kind of smiley)
  41. You are an idiot… me too… lets party.
  42. What is your problem? Girlfriend or no girlfriend?
  43. Have fun… it is easy!
  44. I am smart, sexy & you need to pay the bill.
  45. I am single, available and lovable!
  46. What is your problem, you inscrutable, disgusting, insensitive beast!
  47. Nothing tastes like ice-cream… & I am nothing!!
  48. Sure, let’s make it happen tonite!
  49. I never said never in my life! That’s never my policy & never my line!
  50. Who said earth is round? We are all dizzy, u know?
  51. I am totally worth your Money!
  52. I don’t drink & drive… if it’s my car!!
  53. People are funny… they take this personally!
  54. Note: I could be sleep-walking!
  55. Dare to hate me! 
  56. Reality is an illusion caused by alcohol deficiency (with a half-empty beer glass picture).
  57. Tomorrow is a Future… Live now.
  58. Death is an experience… I died once!
  59. Alright, I am sorry!! UNF**K YOU!
  60. If I was a geek I would have done nothing to impress U!
  61. I am a MESS! (Mighty Enormous Super Size)
  62. I work hard, day & night to get lazy!
  63. I am bad, mad & sad… not necessarily in the same order.
  64. I am Lost! Find me!
  65. Am I your lucky sign!
  66. I took over Hell! Wanna come?
  67. Rule No. 1 – I have no rules!
  68. I don’t do married!
  69. Who cares for a, e, o… let’s focus on i and u…
  70. Forget it… Forget you read this!

Rich, poor, middle

Here, I present my original collection of light humour based on the ‘society’ realities. I believe any humour has a sardonic touch of reality and facts in it.


Poor – make ends meet to manage a daily bread

Rich – throw parties to feed the other rich

Middle class – eat on the run!


Poor – wish for a television set

Rich – show-off their television screens

Middle class – don’t have time to watch TV!


Poor – look at a airplane amazed

Rich – live in amazing planes

Middle class – wait for the delayed plane!


Poor – have a humble holiday at home

Rich – have an exotic vacation abroad

Middle class – Thank God, there is a Sunday!


Poor – family comes first

Rich – I come first

Middle class – Boss comes first!


Poor – bear the adjustment

Rich – barely do the adjustment

Middle class – adjust!


Poor – save every penny

Rich – have Swiss accounts

Middle class – pay taxes and EMIs!


Poor – enjoy the sun and breeze

Rich – enjoy with the heater and cooler

Middle class – am I bothered about the temperature?!!


Poor – love don’t cost a thing

Rich – love every ‘thing’

Middle class – love is God, God help me!

Hope you liked it!

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A Time for Thoughts

In these modern times, life is indeed fast-paced. And we may find that life is neither a bed of roses nor a path filled with thorns. There are ups and downs, choices and chances, happiness and grief, opportunities and disappointments, so much more and so much less in the given time.  Just take some time and think about these aspects that are very much part & parcel of the life moments –

1.     People make situations tough or situations make people tough…?

2.     Are we scared of challenges or are we challenging what scare us…?

3.     Do we surrender to weaknesses or surrendering is weakness..?

4.     One should never wait for luck or luck doesn’t come late..?

5.     By running away from problems are we running into more problems..?

6.     Is bending better than breaking or it is better to break than bend..?

7.     Taking risk is a gamble or gambling is a risk..?

8.     Something is better than nothing or nothing really matters..?

9.     Having patience is a virtue or one has to be virtuous to have patience..?

10.  Winning is a good habit or good habits lead to winning..?

11.  Learning is a never-ending process or people are never in a process to learn..?

12.  Smile eases the tension or is it a tension to smile..?

13.  Do comfort zones give complacency or complacency sets the comfort zones..?

14.  Beliefs are more important than values or values become beliefs..?

15.  Love is free-flowing or you free yourself away from love..?

16.  Can the best part of a relationship be relationship itself?

17.  Happiness leads to inner peace or inner peace leads to happiness..?

18.  Change is inevitable or anything inevitable is change..?

19.  Are you a person who deals with difficulties or you are a difficult person..?

20.  Being broad-minded helps in decision-making or you have to make a decision to be broad-minded..?

21.  Is it important to prove a point or do you have an important point..?

22.  Emotions make you vulnerable or you are vulnerable to emotions..?

23.  Money is everything to you or is everything about money..?

24.  Leading a respectable life is significant or do you respect the significance of life..?

25.  Do you have the zest for life to get the best of life that would make rest of your life..?

Have a great life… make living great…!

With love, Love

Hi there…

I am love, People fall in me… But, I would never want them to fall… People have written so much about me… I have been & still am the focus of many topics, relationships, movies, songs, poems, books… I am universally present but yet you need to look for me in your heart… I come in many forms…. most guys & girls think they feel me… but, I am not limited to that… I also live within mother-child bond, husband-wife, between siblings, among friends… I am expressed in numerous ways – be it words or action…

Now, I don’t know what people mean when they say that ‘Absence makes hearts grow fonder’ and Out of sight, out of mind’ – I mean, aren’t they making it contradictory especially when I am involved in it… do they mean that to realise my value, absence is required from your dear one or are they telling that by going far, your dear one will forget about you and may not miss you in their lives… To solve this contradiction, I was informed that, someone is offering to place a ‘MESSAGE‘ at the end after I am done with whatever I have to say… hoping that should be a good message…

As for me, I was there… I am there… I will be there… forever and always… If I am lost, it means people couldn’t find place for me in their lives… I don’t expect… I don’t disappoint… I don’t doubt… I am all giving, sharing, caring, bearing, yet sometimes, I may be misinterpreted, misquoted or mistreated or even taken for granted… Yet again, to prove my worth, I may show sternness or let you go… This is only one of my introductions… Without saying more, let me just wish all you nice people, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’

Take care and let me in your lives & I will be glad if I’m already existing in yours, Just let me grow… thank you,

With love, Love.