andModern times are all the more stressful to each one of us… doesn’t matter your age, gender, personality style, occupation or even your patience levels. In fact, stress exactly does that… tests your nerves!

It is not because we don’t have time that we get stressed, it is because we are stressed that we don’t find the time to do the things we need to, we want to!

So, when you are down with stress, trust yourself to give you the boost and uplift soon enough. If you wait long or think it will pass, you may run the risk of entering into a depressive state.

Here are five simple and instant self-motivators below:

1. Sing your favourite songs, or at least hum them. If your voice is not good enough, it is alright. Don’t judge your singing abilities. You are not singing to win any competition. You are singing to cheer up yourself.

2. You can do better by listening to your favourite songs. Store some good songs in your mobile and while you play them, make sure to sing along. Keep a check on your environment and see that you are not disturbing others in the process.

3. Look at funny side of yourself. It doesn’t imply that you need to act funny or keep laughing at yourself neither you should be alarmed if your sense of humour is low. All you need to do is smile at your silly follies and be at ease with yourself.

4. Observe a green tree, plant or a leaf. It could be a potted plant at the corner of your office or one outside the window or your computer wallpaper. Wherever it is, spot a green and lighten your mood. Green is a healing colour, so it has its psychological effects.

5. Make a ‘to do’ list for the evening/day/week/month. And keep a check on what you have achieved so far in the  day/week/month. This will help you to know where you stand now and put you back on the track to where you should be. Most of all, it puts you in the action mode.

If these are not applicable to you, think again… try it again. Still, if it’s not working, I am sure you will find your own instant motivators. Motivation is always available. Open yourself to it. Keep away the stressors. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions which in turn leads to positive outcomes.

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More Love Quotes – all original

  1. There are no time limits for love and yet there is a time to love.
  2. Don’t fall in love, let love fall into you.
  3. True love has nothing to do with Truth!
  4. Love is complicated simplicity!
  5. Spare me or spare love!
  6. Love is free and yet you have to set free your love.
  7. Whoever said ‘love is blind’ surely didn’t look into it clearly.
  8. If it is worth it, it is love. If it isn’t worth it, it is still love.
  9. Love has no language… love is the language!
  10. Love hurts and you thought it was a funny feeling!
  11. When in love it is only heart… never mind!
  12. Love is not a relationship… it is a means to a relationship.
  13. People don’t fall in love because love is blind, but because they start walking on air instead of solid ground!
  14. Don’t treat love as a game… if you keep scores, then play scrabble where every word and letter counts.
  15. Only cupid strikes… but… not love… ever!

Giving up – weakness or strength?

“Give up smoking…” I told my friend and he declared “Smoking is my weakness…!”

“Try to quit…” is all I said then.

“Quitting is for losers…” he uttered with a smile and I replied, “Listen friend, smoking will ruin your health… you have to get rid of this habit…”

“I have health insurance…” he proudly remarked. I shook my head and said, “Money will not replace your impending suffering, friend…”

“Don’t worry about me… and I will not call on you…” he threw it at me.

I finally commented “Come on dear… you think you are smoking it out but don’t you think the smoke is taking it out on you…?”

He didn’t stay but turned around to tell me, “I need to get out now and buy a new pack…”

I could only say, “I am not giving up on you, my dear friend…!”

Next day I met him again and helplessly he started talking, “See… even if I want to quit smoking, I can’t. It’s become an addiction… what to do now…?”

“You could try lessening this addiction slowly and get rid of it gradually say for instance, smoke just two cigarettes a day or you could…” I would have suggested more steps but he stopped me abruptly.

“Easy for you to say, isn’t it…?” he questioned me raising his eyebrows.

“Yes…” I agreed, “it’s easy for me to say and tough for you to act upon it… take it as a challenge…”

He stood quiet and so I added, “The test is to see how strong is your resolve compared to your weakness…”

“That is exactly why I don’t want to make any resolutions…” he finally spoke and after a pause continued “…because I will break it sooner or later…”

“Atleast make a resolve and then put efforts to make it work…” I encouraged him.

“…And look foolish when it doesn’t work… isn’t it…?” his tone became negative.

“My friend, please stay positive… otherwise you will end up dead in this vicious cycle… Believe in yourself… believe you have the power to give up this addiction… I will support you all the way… take the first step…” I said showing my confidence in him.

He looked around for several seconds and suddenly in a fully awakened state asked me, “Who are you by the way…?”

I anticipated this question and told him, “I am your conscience… I represent divinity… I will continue to be the voice you will always hear… whether you listen to me or not, whether you follow my guidance or not, whether you act upon my words or not, it is your choice…!”

Note 1 – ‘Giving up’ is not always a sign of weakness and ‘quitting’ doesn’t always indicate failure.

Note 2 – ‘Smoking is Injurious to Health’ – Don’t take it as only a Statutory Warning!

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My Dear Earth…

Dear Earth,

Scientists may have proposed so many theories about your evolution… a lot many happenings have occurred that involved you or for which you were the reason… Astrologers and great saints have predicted several things about you… I know you are still facing numerous interactions, reactions and threats from within you and the outer space… I know your movement is important to all the creatures… your stability and gravity is required by all of us… You have given space for living and non-living… you have done a marvelous job to let rivers flow through you wherever you could… you have allowed a friendly atmosphere and wind making en-route in you… you could throw out fire and burning lava but you keep it on hold… you could also enrage ocean waves but then they end up lashing out their anger over you… Dear earth, you have balanced yourself and make your utmost attempt to maintain the harmony but what are we doing to you…?

Firstly, we are fighting over a piece of you… we say “it’s our land” or “that’s your border” or “you are trespassing into our area” and such languages to our fellow beings… We try to occupy the space that you have reserved for forests/vegetation and those lovely animals many which are on the verge of extinction… In the name of development, we are covering your soil with concrete buildings… You will patiently ask “What else?” and I can only say “Are you not feeling dirty with polluted water and air around you…? Are you not getting dumped by the garbage and plastics…?” But, are you pretending to smile or what…? Yes, of course some of your good people are restoring your efforts… they want to save tress, animals and they even want to stop the contamination and pollution… I only wish if every single human being understands this as a universal need and stop fighting among themselves… I only wish they see a bigger cause than get subdued by their selfish interests…

I know you are aware that in this vast Universe, you may find distant sisters who are earthly like you in character… I also know that you are not very dependent on us because you were there before us and once we all go, you may still do your rotations… And, I am aware of your fears… you are concerned that in the times to come, you may be called as ‘lifeless’ because you may lose your nurturing ability isn’t it…? Don’t worry, my dear earth… you are doing well and showering your love without any inhibition…! I only hope, as long as human race to which I belong survives, we realise the greater intentions such as fight against the asteroid that could hit you or preserve the greenery to support you… Alas… how long we are here to do it…?

You are God’s creation and so are we… and let God’s grace be on all.

On behalf of all your inhabitants,

Truly yours,


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With love, Love

Hi there…

I am love, People fall in me… But, I would never want them to fall… People have written so much about me… I have been & still am the focus of many topics, relationships, movies, songs, poems, books… I am universally present but yet you need to look for me in your heart… I come in many forms…. most guys & girls think they feel me… but, I am not limited to that… I also live within mother-child bond, husband-wife, between siblings, among friends… I am expressed in numerous ways – be it words or action…

Now, I don’t know what people mean when they say that ‘Absence makes hearts grow fonder’ and Out of sight, out of mind’ – I mean, aren’t they making it contradictory especially when I am involved in it… do they mean that to realise my value, absence is required from your dear one or are they telling that by going far, your dear one will forget about you and may not miss you in their lives… To solve this contradiction, I was informed that, someone is offering to place a ‘MESSAGE‘ at the end after I am done with whatever I have to say… hoping that should be a good message…

As for me, I was there… I am there… I will be there… forever and always… If I am lost, it means people couldn’t find place for me in their lives… I don’t expect… I don’t disappoint… I don’t doubt… I am all giving, sharing, caring, bearing, yet sometimes, I may be misinterpreted, misquoted or mistreated or even taken for granted… Yet again, to prove my worth, I may show sternness or let you go… This is only one of my introductions… Without saying more, let me just wish all you nice people, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’

Take care and let me in your lives & I will be glad if I’m already existing in yours, Just let me grow… thank you,

With love, Love.