More Love Quotes – all original

  1. There are no time limits for love and yet there is a time to love.
  2. Don’t fall in love, let love fall into you.
  3. True love has nothing to do with Truth!
  4. Love is complicated simplicity!
  5. Spare me or spare love!
  6. Love is free and yet you have to set free your love.
  7. Whoever said ‘love is blind’ surely didn’t look into it clearly.
  8. If it is worth it, it is love. If it isn’t worth it, it is still love.
  9. Love has no language… love is the language!
  10. Love hurts and you thought it was a funny feeling!
  11. When in love it is only heart… never mind!
  12. Love is not a relationship… it is a means to a relationship.
  13. People don’t fall in love because love is blind, but because they start walking on air instead of solid ground!
  14. Don’t treat love as a game… if you keep scores, then play scrabble where every word and letter counts.
  15. Only cupid strikes… but… not love… ever!


Notice the title of this blog… anything peculiar? You will find in between S, P, A, C and E there is a gap… more specifically, a space given in between each of the letters that form the word ‘Space’.  Four spaces in total. Applying the computer terminology, space is defined as the gap between any two characters or lines or paragraphs so on. And what do you know… there is a big space button on the keyboard to create that space & what is it called…? SPACE BAR! In fact, when you are documenting something, you will use the Tab options to set or fix the number of spaces required at the beginning of your paragraphs or table or a presentation.

Now, let’s get out of the computer… Oh wait… how far are you sitting from your monitor/screen? Forty centimeters, sixty centimeters… whatever your answer there must be comfortable space between you and the monitor right? Space is defined here as the distance between you & where the monitor is positioned.

In Non Verbal Communication (NVC) we talk about spatial language and different types of spaces such as the intimate space, personal space, social space & public space, each having its own criteria to determine whether a person is too close or far to you and is someone invading your space. This field of study called as ‘Proxemics’ deals with space and how it influences individuals, inter-personal relationships and family bonding. Now, if your spouse says to you, ‘Give me some space’ please ponder whether you are asked the physical space or psychological/emotional space and just give it.

Almost all of us plan and think about how to utilise space in our homes, garage, office and garden or simply in our computer hard disk drives. Architects, builders and even the owners try to effectively bring in the concept of space in the layout plans to ensure smooth movements and maintain orderliness. It happens so often that the space gets filled with clutter and then we end up searching for something in it. Of course, we spend time cleaning the mess sooner or later to prove we have ‘space’!

Coming back to computers, we delete unwanted files, folders to use the spaces defined in MB or GB of memory. We get messages & reminders indicating space used & unused. We even have space upgrades options!

Artistes, painters, designers, creative performers such as the magicians – they exactly know the significance of space or the lack of it. Painters and drawing experts show space in their artwork in terms of size, perspectives and colors/shades. About magicians, it is definitely illusion yes… but not all the tricks…, Magicians are aware of the space very much like where they need to stand, how they have to move their body, how much they need to step aside – the tricks are practiced well enough to perfection. Imagine a sharp sword missing your chest at the brink of the moment! Scary!

Oh dear… Sorry, the blog title must have made you wonder about ‘that space’ which is also called as Outer space… that vastness which is outside the planet earth… isn’t it? Yes, of course, for me that is the ultimate space… and compared to the vastness of ‘that space’ where are we? Tiny, miniscule, scattered parts on this earth…! Spiritual Gurus have said that you can take all the things from a room and yet something remains… That’s space. No one can take out the Space. Essentially, everything is a moving space!

With advanced technology, telecommunications, video conferencing, internet & social networking sites, and so many other communication mediums and gadgets, is it getting over-crowded or is there too much space? I may not even have met you face to face and yet I am able to reach out to you through this blog/blog site/website/internet/network technology… In short, from my laptop to yours! From my space to yours!

Signing off now from my world of words…! Take care.

A Time for Thoughts

In these modern times, life is indeed fast-paced. And we may find that life is neither a bed of roses nor a path filled with thorns. There are ups and downs, choices and chances, happiness and grief, opportunities and disappointments, so much more and so much less in the given time.  Just take some time and think about these aspects that are very much part & parcel of the life moments –

1.     People make situations tough or situations make people tough…?

2.     Are we scared of challenges or are we challenging what scare us…?

3.     Do we surrender to weaknesses or surrendering is weakness..?

4.     One should never wait for luck or luck doesn’t come late..?

5.     By running away from problems are we running into more problems..?

6.     Is bending better than breaking or it is better to break than bend..?

7.     Taking risk is a gamble or gambling is a risk..?

8.     Something is better than nothing or nothing really matters..?

9.     Having patience is a virtue or one has to be virtuous to have patience..?

10.  Winning is a good habit or good habits lead to winning..?

11.  Learning is a never-ending process or people are never in a process to learn..?

12.  Smile eases the tension or is it a tension to smile..?

13.  Do comfort zones give complacency or complacency sets the comfort zones..?

14.  Beliefs are more important than values or values become beliefs..?

15.  Love is free-flowing or you free yourself away from love..?

16.  Can the best part of a relationship be relationship itself?

17.  Happiness leads to inner peace or inner peace leads to happiness..?

18.  Change is inevitable or anything inevitable is change..?

19.  Are you a person who deals with difficulties or you are a difficult person..?

20.  Being broad-minded helps in decision-making or you have to make a decision to be broad-minded..?

21.  Is it important to prove a point or do you have an important point..?

22.  Emotions make you vulnerable or you are vulnerable to emotions..?

23.  Money is everything to you or is everything about money..?

24.  Leading a respectable life is significant or do you respect the significance of life..?

25.  Do you have the zest for life to get the best of life that would make rest of your life..?

Have a great life… make living great…!

‘First Impressions’

When you see someone for the first time, what is the first thing that occurs to you about that person? Is it their dressing, shoes, hair-style, eyes, colour, height, their smile etc. etc. When you meet somebody or you are introduced to a new person, is it the same aspects that you notice? If you meet that person once again in near future, would you remember that person’s name or would you remember the encounter or would you remember what your first impression about that person was?

Now, what could be the first impressions? And, how it may have been formed?

The answer to the first question is quite simple. Your first impression could be that of ‘Either you like the person or dislike the person or it’s a neutral feeling because you are yet to form your impression’.

The answer to the second question requires a little bit of elaboration. How the first impressions are formed can be derived from psychology, behavioural sciences, kinesics, social etiquettes and environmental analysis.

Or, it maybe as simple as your instinct… you need not have any reason to like or dislike a person. But, it takes sincerity and openness if you have to like a person whom you thought as dislikeable. Then, it also hurts to dislike a person whom you thought was likeable. Your instincts, intuition or that ‘gut feeling’ – simply put as ‘sub-conscious’ need not be always correct. It may keep you in a safe-guard mode. What you perceive may go against you.

On the other hand, if you have good first impressions of somebody, then you must have noticed certain aspects of yourself that you like and vice-versa. Forming first impressions may only be a reflection of own self.

To wrap up, ‘First impressions are first impressions… give scope for second, third, fourth impressions before you form a lasting impression of somebody.’

Remember to have a nice smile whether you are receiving the ‘First impressions’ or sending it across.  By the way, if you believe in ‘Love at First Sight’ that’s because of the “First Impressions”.


Hi, have you ever wondered what could be the most popular ice-breaker among & in between people… people who are strangers or who were before you got to know them…?? It has no words because it is not a language… it has no law because it is natural… it is easy but yet sometimes may get difficult…. An ice-breaker that is for all seasons, any reasons & considered global…. Still wondering what it is???

It is ‘Your Smile’…. If I say ‘Smile has a way to connect’ I may disagree wit myself… Coz, Smile is in itself a way! Smile to yourself, smile at others around you even if they don’t know you or you don’t know them…. smile at your mistakes… smile at a kitten or a puppy… smile at the sun & moon… just count the photos in which you smiled… Of course, there are many different types of smiles & each person may have his/her own set of smiles that appears at distinct occasions. For example, your charming smile, silly smile, shy smile, half smile, dazzling smile, fake smile, heartfelt smile, so on… however is your smile, it is yours. Smile is your asset, plus point & gives you the lift… A true and beautiful smile will be reflected even through your eyes… for example, a baby’s smile is the most innocent, truest, pure and beautiful as it can get…

When you are embarrassed, would you escape with a smile? If your interviewer gives you constant smiles during an interview, would you return the smiles or behave utterly professional? In the movies, would it be difficult for actors to smile especially when they don’t like their opposite co-star?  Talking about movies, the on-screen smile which I found amazing is Actor Hrithik Roshan’s smile in the Bollywood movie “Guzaarish” – the scene where he’s in a wheelchair, a fly comes & sits on his nose… he can’t do anything about it as his character is that of a quadriplegic… at first, he’s irritated & tries to get rid of it by shaking his head… fly doesn’t budge… second time he tries again… no result… next, he smiles & accepts the situation!! Wow, it maybe a movie, it maybe acting, but that smile is really an amazing ice-breaker to the role he plays!!!

No wonder, we have ‘n’ number of smiley icons for expressing smiles in the age of internet, SMS and instant messaging! May I conclude this blog by hoping that you must have had a smile on your face… Do Keep Smiling….!!